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  I just finished reading Ciye Cho’s, Shiewo: A Fantasy Flight to Adventure.  It is for the 13 and up group, and I must say that I would definitely let my pre-teen and early teen cousins read it.  The story seemed truly youthful and vibrant; full of colorful characters, wild adventures,...

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Book Cover Choices for Darkened Sunrise

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Click on the gallery to see the full selections and tell me what you think!


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I have recently learned about National November Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) and plan to participate this year.  What is it you ask?  Well it is basically a writing motivator because for the 30dys in November while working on a brand new novel, you have a daily word count of 1667wds to end up with 50k words by the last day of the month.  Even though most of my novels are close to twice that in word count, I’m using it as a way of getting me to either work on the third novel in the Ansheniu Series or on one of my other writing projects.  Once I do that, I am well on my way to getting two books published by early next year.

They say it takes 30 days to learn a new habit and hopefully by the end of this experience, I will be taking my craft even more seriously and am able to complete more of my projects, leaving more room in my brain for other things :)  Enjoy the rest of your week all, and happy writing/reading.




To learn more about NaNoWriMo and if you would like to participate or support, click on the link above or go to http://www.nanowrimo.org

Harper Voyager Accepting Digital Submissions

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Those of you with a manuscript that you’ve self published or one that you’ve almost complete, check out Harper Voyager too.  Between Harlequin and Harper Voyager, a lot of doors have been opening for us authors lately that have been closed to these big houses without an agent.  Take the time to check them out and see if anyone fits you.  It doesn’t hurt to submit and see what happens.


The submission portal, www.harpervoyagersubmissions.com, is now open and will be until the 14th of October 2012. The manuscripts will then be read and those most suited to the global Harper Voyager list will be selected jointly by editors in the USA, UK and Australia.  Accepted submissions will benefit from the full publishing process: accepted manuscripts will be edited; and the finished titles will receive online marketing and sales support in World English markets.

Voyager is seeking an array of adult and young adult speculative fiction for digital publication, but particularly novels written in the epic fantasy, science fiction, urban fantasy, horror, dystopia and supernatural genres.

SYTYCW 2012: Darkened Sunrise

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I have spent the last three weeks completing my manuscript for the So You Think You Can Write  Competition 2012.  It has been long days and nights where I sacrificed time with my son, sleep, and food all the while completing school projects as well.  I am so happy to know that I am capable and have accomplished this great deed.  I am half way through my editing process and will finish the other half today.  I just wanted to take a minute to thank all of you who have been voting for me.  Please continue to do so as voting ends on Oct.11.  It’s a great blessing being able to create and do what I love.  I wish there were more of me so I can work on my websites and crafts too. :)


Vote for Me!! Vote Today!! Remember, 1 Vote Per Day till Thursday. It’ll take less than 5 seconds out of your time. Just click the link below! Be Blessed Everyone! http://www.soyouthinkyoucanwrite.com/manuscripts/darkened-sunrise/

My Entry for SYTYCW 2012

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–Vote For Me!! Vote for me!! Vote For Me!! Check out this entry from Harlequin’s SYTYCW 2012: Darkened Sunrise http://www.soyouthinkyoucanwrite.com/manuscripts/darkened-sunrise/ VOTING OPENED TODAY!!–

Click on the link and vote once a day, every day until the 10th.

Family and friends in Trinidad and other places overseas, you can vote to. This competition is global.  It’ll take less than 5 seconds to click on the clink and click on the vote button, so show your love.


I entered this competition with the second book in the Ansheniu Series: Darkened Sunrise.  Please Vote Now and stay tuned for further happenings.  Win or Lose, Darkened Sunrise will be out to you soon but we are going for the win so Vote, Vote, Vote.


Words and Wine Competition ~ Start Writing Now!

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Found another on Facebook:
Enter and win the Allaboutwriting/10 Chapters Words and Wine Competition and be the toast of the winelands. The winning entry will be featured on the label of a brand new Allaboutwriting/10 Chapters wine. Deadline 28 September. http://wp.me/pkrf0-195

Harlequin Writing Contest ~ Enter Now

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Paying attention to my Facebook Feed, I found this writing contest from Harlequin.  Check it out and get your first chapter ready for submissions on Sept. 23rd to Sept. 30th.  If you don’t have a book or chapter ready, start writing now while you have a few days.

Go to http://www.soyouthinkyoucanwrite.com/contest for submission details.  Good luck everyone.

The Weary Blues by Langston Hughes

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Book Synopsis:

For Deidre Griffin and her lover, Mitch, the prospect of immortality is bearable–as long as they can spend everlasting life together.  At their English seaside pub, The Black Rose, they charge tourists by the pint (of blood).  But when Deidre goes missing, everything changes.  The only clue left behind is a syringe that may have contained a paralytic drug engineered to affect vampires.  Even worse, Deidre isn’t in the best of health.  Her blood is undergoing a metamorphosis that could cure her vampirism, but may also have the side effect of killer her.  There is a chance to reverse the change except for one glitch–she’s pregnant.


My Thoughts:

I thought this book was okay.  It kept me enthralled, but only a little.  I have a stubborn streak that once I start something, I finish it.  I never heard of the author Karen E. Taylor until I finished reading this book.  I think I may have enjoyed it more if I read the other books in this series, being that this is the 7th one.  The characters were likeable enough, and being that I didn’t read the other books, the history of their relational dynamics were lacking for me.  That is my fault.  I applaud Karen E. Taylor for writing as many books as she has.


I couldn’t picture the characters as well and I blame that on me not having read any of the previous 6 books either so my imagination was like a dull canvas.

I give this book  (3 Stars).

Submit Your Screen Play by 8/30

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Found this competition on http://write-jobs.blogspot.com/search/label/free%20writing%20contests  They have a lot of links for writing opportunities for writers looking to make an income on their craft.



Deadline: 30 August 2012

(Note: Participation in this Competition is open to legal residents of Australia, Canada, Mainland China, France, Hong Kong, Germany, Mexico, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and the United States.)

It’s happened to you before—a wave of inspiration hits while you’re traveling. Sensory experiences pile up, and the sounds and textures of an unfamiliar place unleash a flood of creativity. You sit down to write that first word, and you’ve already done it: a new story, a new idea, a new film.

These flurries of imagination are what can spark a new generation of filmmakers, so Intel and W Hotels, alongside Roman Coppola, are launching a short film series and competition entitled Four Stories.

Hotels and travel have been the inspiration for some of cinema’s most enduring films. From Fellini to Truffaut, from Grand Hotel to Lost in Translation, the impulse to create in foreign lands has excited filmmakers for decades. Now it’s your chance to create a story with some of today’s most exciting filmmakers, at some of the most beautiful W Hotels in the world.

Submit a script for a ten-minute short film set in a W Hotel , featuring an Ultrabook as a key character in the script. Roman and a panel of judges will chose three screenplays that will be produced by Roman’s filmmaking company, The Directors Bureau, at one of four W Hotels destinations worldwide (Maldives, Doha, Mexico City, or Washington D.C.). The films will premiere at red carpet events in select W Hotels destinations worldwide and be distributed online.

We are also working with designers and artists to create interactive, experiential Ultrabook installations that will live in six W Hotels around the world.


Here is an overview of the main requirements to enter the Four Stories competition. Please read the official rules for full details.

  • Your script will be filmed at one of four extraordinary W Hotels destinations: Doha, The Maldives, Mexico City, or Washington D.C., so make sure that the story you tell takes advantage of the chic interiors and stunning designs of these specific W Hotels. Your script might be filmed at any of those four locations, so familiarize yourself with all of them!
  • Your script must feature an Intel-inspired Ultrabook as a central component to the story. These ultra-sleek, ultra-responsive devices don’t compromise performance for mobility. How you incorporate the Ultrabook into your script is up to you, but remember that at the heart of Four Stories is the power of human relationships, and the ability to connect and create wherever and whenever inspiration strikes you.
  • Your script should not exceed ten minutes in length.

ELIGIBILITY: Participation in this Competition is only open to legal residents of Australia, Canada, Mainland China, France, Hong Kong, Germany, Mexico, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and the United States who are at least eighteen (18) years of age (or the applicable age of majority in his/her jurisdiction of residence, whichever is older, but in any event no younger than eighteen (18) years of age) on the date of entry (each an “Entrant”). Except for residents of Mainland China, Entrants must also be registered users of the YouTube website located at http://www.youtube.com (including all mirror, derivative sites and/or localized versions thereof, as applicable, collectively, the “YouTube Website”). To become a registered user of the YouTube Website, individuals must register for and create an account and agree to the YouTube Website’s “Terms of Service” set forth at http://www.youtube.com/t/terms. There is no fee or charge to become a registered user.


1. Each Entry must include the following components:

  • Script: An original script for a short film which is set in a W Hotel and features an Ultrabook™ inspired by Intel. The W Hotel locations to choose from are: Mexico City, Barcelona, Doha, Maldives, or Washington D.C.
  • Video Submission: A video of the Entrant discussing the script and the inspiration behind it.

2. Language: Entries must be submitted in English (preferred), Spanish, French, German, or Simplified Chinese.

3. Format:

  • Script must be submitted as a PDF.
  • Acceptable video formats are: 3gp, avi, m2ts, m4v, mkv, mov, mp4, mpeg, mpg, and wmv. Maximum video file size: 1GB.

4. Length:

  • Script: If produced, the Script’s short film should be no longer than ten (10) minutes in length.
  • Video Submission: No longer than three (3) minutes in length.

5. Music: Video Submission may not contain any music (including but not limited to original pieces, third party works, pieces in the public domain, parodies, spoofs, or derivative works) regardless if used for background, soundtracks, performance, lyrics, or tunes.

6. Video Submission may not contain any persons under the age of 18 years old.


Each of the three (3) Prize Winners will receive the following:

1. Script Production: Each Prize Winner’s Script will be produced by an agency of the Sponsor (“Production Company”) using a professional film director and actor (both selected by Sponsor in its sole discretion) on location at a W Hotel location either featured in the respective winning script (the “Project”) or as otherwise determined by the Sponsor. While the script for a winning Entry may be in a foreign language the film will be produced in English with foreign subtitles added at the sole discretion of the Sponsor.

2. Trip Prize: Each Prize Winner will receive two (2) trips (each, a “Trip”, collectively, the “Trip Prize”):

  • A 6-day/5-night Trip for Prize Winner to travel to attend part of the Project production tentatively scheduled for September, October, or November 2012. Prize Winner will also receive US$500 to be awarded by check or wire transfer (less any costs associated with clearing the check if applicable), at the discretion of the Sponsor.
  • A 3-day/2-night Trip to a screening of the completed Project tentatively scheduled for November 2012. Prize Winner will also receive US$200 to be awarded by check or wire transfer (less any costs associated with clearing the check if applicable), at the discretion of the Sponsor.

Link: full competition rules


For submissions: via the online submission page

Website: Intel.com/fourstories

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