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I feel lust, a burning desire to be touched by you, kissed by you, licked by you. My body grinds and girates to the sounds of your smooth sexy voice. Will you talk to me? Will you whisper sweet nothings in my ear, mixed up with instructions for me? I want you to take me there. Will you? Will you take me there? Will you grab my hair and pull my head back leaving a view for you to devour the barren vastness of my neck with kisses? Will you bite me there? Will you hold my hands back as I try to grab you, hold you, please you; leaving one of your hands free to undress me? Will you strip me naked? Will you let me undress you, so I can feel your naked body pressed against mine? I want you to hold me close. Will you part my legs, as I stand weak-kneed awaiting your every movement, and your fingers find my hot, wet, happy place? Will you? Will you delve right in? Will you let your fingerers explore me, open me up for what I’m waiting for….aching for? Will you drop to your knees? Will you place your mouth on my box using your tongue to vibrate me into submission? I fall on you. Will you catch me? Will you pull me to the floor and roll your full firm masculine frame on top of me? Will you?…Will you come inside? Will you stick me hard and soft, in and out, slow and fast, until I cry out your name….begging you, “Oh please daddy, do it again!” Share this:ShareTwitterRedditPrintFacebookGoogleEmailDiggStumbleUponPinterestTumblrLinkedIn

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Book Review: SHIEWO: A FANTASY FLIGHT TO ADVENTURE (Book 1 of Shiewo’s Odyssey)

Posted by K. Kellee | Posted in Book Reviews | Posted on 23-07-2011



I just finished reading Ciye Cho’s, Shiewo: A Fantasy Flight to Adventure.  It is for the 13 and up group, and I must say that I would definitely let my pre-teen and early teen cousins read it.  The story seemed truly youthful and vibrant; full of colorful characters, wild adventures, and dangers.  It is a good read to get the imagination going.  There are a few missed edits, but not many, so it doesn’t distract from the story.

Ciye Cho is very talented.  If you get a chance, visit her website that goes along with this book series and see what I mean.  Cho’s hands were everywhere in the creation of this series, it’s soundtrack, and it’s interactive site.  Before I received this book, I was very anxious to read it because of the website and book trailer, which I’ve included at the bottom.  So let your pre-teen/early teens delve into Shiewo’s world full of adventure and fun.  The book itself I gave 3 1/2 Stars, but with everything else that comes with it, I have to round it out to an even 4 Stars. 


An Overview of the Story:

The universe of Orberana is a place of great wonder and peril, a dizzying landscape filled with clouds that can talk, clockwork beings that mark their own time, and painted animals that awake in the night.

Shiewo Morose is the captain of a flying ship powered by music. She is also a determined young woman on a mission: a quest to find the Wishing Fish that created Orberana.

Sailing above the clouds, Shiewo and her crew (Erduu the bamboo, Theo the cloud, Livingston the goldfish, and Felix the painter) are headed for worlds of crazed clockwork bureaucrats, tyrannic kings, and tornado children—worlds that will test not only the crew’s bravery… but their very understanding of adventure.

Theirs is the odyssey of a lifetime…

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