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Happy Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is always within a week of my birthday every year making May a double special month for me.  I would like to wish all of you Mother’s, especially my Mother, a Happy Mother’s Day.  Without you there wouldn’t be a nation and I thank you all for your strength and fortitude. I’m not going to take to long on this post since this day is better spent in the company of mothers than by myself, slaving away at my computer, lol, so in closing, today is a beautiful day.  Get outside and be one with nature.  Tell the special mothers in your life how much they mean to you and celebrate life.   ~Peace and Blessings, K. Kellee Share this:ShareTwitterRedditPrintFacebookGoogleEmailDiggStumbleUponPinterestTumblrLinkedIn

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New Book: INTIMATE MOMENTS by Jeane` Sashi

Posted by K. Kellee | Posted in Advertise Here | Posted on 09-07-2011



Trying to find love is not easy, especially when you’re a successful, attractive lady in your thirties who is looking for a relationship of sustenance, after beind divorced for five years.
Tonju is torn between three men vying for her attention.  One is an unhappily married man from her past who is willing to let go of everything in order to be with her.  The second man is her ex-husband; he’s never stopped lovingher, realizes his mistakes and will do what has and needs to be done to get her back.  The third man is some one she just met on a girl’s night out.  So far he has good qualities, but there’s still and air of mystery about him.
Could either of these men be the love Tonju’s looking for?  She has reservations, some good and some not so good, about all three of them.  She’s completely broken all ties with one, is leaning closely toward another, and is looking sideways at the last one.  When the bottle spins, which man will it land on?  Could Tonju truly be experiencing love?

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