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Jane Eyre

Posted by K. Kellee | Posted in Advertise Here | Posted on 31-03-2011


Role Play

Posted by K. Kellee | Posted in Pen and Prose | Posted on 31-03-2011


You are my hired lover for the evening. Dressed dapper in your suit, I just bought you in a silent auction. You better be worth the price. The bidders were in the shadows as the light was centered on the men, one at a time in the center of the room as they were bought. I saw you and I knew you had to be mine. The light shined in your eyes as they caught mine. You looked as if you could see right through me, through my eyes, in the shadows. I placed my bid, and it was a good one.

Having won you, you went to the holding room to wait upon your new owner. The room was still dark. I wore a dark dress suit with a hat and veil. Red nails grazed against your suit as I circled you. Your hard chest felt heavenly beneath my finger tips, I could only imagine for the moment my head pressed against it bare. Your scent filled my nostrils, and I was filled with lust and desire for you and only you.

“Very nice, you were a wonderful choice.”

“Thank you. Do I get to see who it is, I belong too?”

“In time, let’s just take this to someplace more private for now. Follow me,” I said as I grabbed hold of your tie like a leash.

“Yes, maam” you said as you licked your lips.

The hall was dimly lit and the soft plush carpeting just begged for bare feet to be caressed by it. I let go of your tie and walked ahead of you a bit as I fetched the key out of my pocket to open Room 16. As I opened the door, your hand softly cupped my ass. You apologized emphatically when I turned my head to look at you, you were saying you couldn’t help yourself because my body was calling your hands.

“You are going to pay for that.”

“I accept my fate.”

“You have no choice. Close the door behind you and come in.”

The soft lighting continued into the room, as well as the soft carpeting, only the colour changed from a chocolate brown in the hall to an ivory alpaca in the room. I sat on the edge of the bed and had you stand in front of me.

“Get on one knee,” I ordered and you followed. I placed my right foot on your left knee.

“Take off my shoe,” I said as I slightly bent my leg to the side to show you the clasp on the red, patent leather, come fuck me stillhetto.

“Only if you promise to put them back on later,” you said as you kissed my ankle.

“I will to walk on your chest if you aren’t careful.”

“I’m sorry miss. It’s just that you are so sexy, your legs so delectable, your shoes so beautiful, that I just can’t help myself. Can you blame me?”

“No I can’t. I am all those things and you’ll get to show me how much you appreciate all of me soon enough. For now, you have certain things to do first. Now, give me your next knee and take off my shoe.”

You obliged me silently with kisses as I instructed you on places on my body you should touch.

“I need you to strip for me now. Take it off, all of it, and do it slowly. I want it to last a bit. Throw your clothes here on the bed next to me,” I said as I patted a bare spot with my hand.

I smelled the scent of you as you threw your clothes over to me. I wanted you more and more with each passing moment as I sniffed you, as I watched you. Your body rippling and calling to me. Left in only your boxer briefs, I called you over to me. I slid off the edge of the bed to stand firmly in front of you.

“Now me,” I said raising my hands above my head.

Your prick now firm in your boxers, seemed like it was trying to squirm his way out of your boxers to run to me. You undid my skirt and let it fall to the floor and I just stepped on it. Unwrapping my blouse then, you pulled my arms out of it slowly, planting a kiss on each shoulder that felt like shocks from electric currents waking up my body. I wanted you. I was getting to my own breaking point, my panties were getting soaked through, and my resistance was breaking down. Then gripping my neck with one hand, you took the other and masterfully unhooked my bra. You bent your head and kissed and licked on my nipples which grew instantly hard to your touch. I moaned softly. Dropping again to your knees in front of me, your hands slowly down the length of my body, pulling my panties with them. Feeling the wetness of them, as I stepped out of my panties, you put them to your nose and inhaled hard and deep. That act alone made me weak.

“I’m going to enjoy you,” you said as you crawled up the length of my body, dragging my panties up from my wet pussy up the front center of my body to my nose over my veil.

I inhaled just as you had, hard and deep and exhaled just as loud. You freed your hand of my panties and slowly lifted up my veil exposing just my plump, red, juicy lips. You kissed me with such passion I almost fell back on the bed. You held me up. It was such a delicious kiss, I was panting as you lowered my veil back down.

“I want you to take it off. It should be your reveal,” you said as you took a step back from me.

The front of your boxers had a wet spot on it and I didn’t know if it was from you or from me. All I know is I had moisture running down my legs. I hesitantly lifted my veil and hat and threw them across the room, giving my hair a good shake.

“Are you happy with what you see?” I asked

“Ecstatic,” you said drawing my naked body to your hard awaiting body to kiss me.

I never wanted our lips to part. Lord I felt like I was the one that was bought. I had to take back control. I had to make you work hard and push you to your sexual limits. Tonight wasn’t only for me, but it was definitely about me. I pulled my lips from yours, my body from you.

“Sit on the bed,” I instructed and you obliged.

Your dick strained against the front of your boxers, still dancing, still wanting out. I kneeled in front of you. Pulling down your boxers, I saw a drop of new wetness sprout up through the head and my tongue licked it up. I moaned sweet ecstasy as the taste of you completed the overtaking of all my senses. I circled my tongue around your tip and licked my way down to your balls. Spreading your legs apart, I saw you fall back on your elbows rolling your head back in pleasure. My mouth was being filled by you and the taste of you over and over again.

“This is your night,” you moaned out, “I should be doing that to you”.

“Just relax,” I mumbled over your dick as you jumped a little in my mouth.

“I want to taste you now,” you said grabbing my hair and pulling my head back.

My mouth’s failed attempt to stay grasped to your dick was quickly met by your tongue and lips as you pulled me up to meet you. Kissing me so passionately, you flipped me on the bed so your body was on top of mine.

“Slide up to the pillows Miss. I want to make sure you are comfortable,” you said as you kissed my lower stomach.

My turn at obliging, I slid up to the pillows as you prowled on top of me, matching my every move step for step. Kissing on me all the while, inhaling my scents deep within you. I shut my eyes. Your hands caressed my face, my breasts, my stomach, my pelvis; your finger entered me slowly and my chest expanded in bliss.

“Oh you taste so good mama,” you said as you brought your soaking wet fingers of my juices to your mouth.

“I know,” I said sheepishly, “you should try your tongue next time.”

“I plan on it, right now in fact” you said with your mouth making way to my cunt.

“You are so good at that. Why are you so good at that?” I asked as you licked and sucked on me so expertly.

I screamed out in extreme satisfaction. You had me feeling so good, I wanted to crawl out of my skin and watch what you were doing to me.

“You like that?” You asked with a boyish grin.

“Oh yes, I like that. I like that a lot,” I said with my head rolling back deep within the pillows in rapture.

You made me cum so hard my pussy’s convulsions were squeezing on your tongue. You didn’t stop licking me. You sucked on me harder than before, drinking in all of my spring’s waters.

“Come here,” I instructed. “Kiss me!”

Your lips were so soft and commanding, my body quivered beneath you.

The Build Up

Posted by K. Kellee | Posted in Pen and Prose | Posted on 31-03-2011


I stand in the center of the room, naked.
My breathe releases slowly in exhale as your body’s anticipated presence is felt.
I jump.
Goose bumps rise to the surface as you are slowly tracing your finger tips up my arm.
Coming up behind me, you methodically ease your other arm around my waist drawing me close;
Inhaling deep the scent on my neck.
You squeeze me tight.
I hold your arms firm in front of me.
You kiss my neck.
Tremors flow through me.
Spinning me around quickly, my arms wrap around your neck and your hands grab firmly my ass.
You lift me up.
My legs wrap round your waist and you kiss me.
I melt.

(Just a little taste)

Say Goodbye

Posted by K. Kellee | Posted in Pen and Prose | Posted on 31-03-2011


My emotions want to pour out
Like the words of a song,
But I can’t find the right melody to capture
The beauty of my love for you so the words
Could just flow.
At times I feel I’m crying inside
Those moments when I’m apart from you.
Your love has kept my life on a high plateau
And I don’t ever want to come down.
I reminice always on those precious memories
We share of when you’ve held me,
Of when you’ve kissed me,
Of when you’ve made me laugh and cry.
And I feel when both of our emotions heighten
Is when we have to say Good-bye.
Please, I don’t ever want to Say Good-Bye.

What I Want

Posted by K. Kellee | Posted in Pen and Prose | Posted on 31-03-2011


To feel my lover in my arms
Hold him close, squeeze him tight

To be kissed as if
My lover was giving me his last breath

To have my lover run
His teeth and tongue all over my body

To have my lover show me
How much he truly wants me

To be showered with
Special moments, surprises, and gifts

To be taken away
From life’s day to day grit

Can I have it?

Be With You

Posted by K. Kellee | Posted in Pen and Prose | Posted on 31-03-2011


I want to belong to you

My heart is aching

Just to be close to you

My mind is racing

Filled with so many thoughts of you

I can’t contain it

I want to be one with you

My body is yearning

To feel the touch of you

My sanity has come

With the wholeness of you

I don’t want to lose it

I don’t want to lose you

My sunshine has come in and

I want to be one with you

Will It Be You

Posted by K. Kellee | Posted in Pen and Prose | Posted on 31-03-2011


The river is overflowing
The love for you is unknowing
The passion is continuously growing
For my mystery

In my dreams you come to me
With strong open arms you carry me
Like the Queen that I am you lift me
I am waiting for you my mystery

I float in the possibilities of you
To mend my heart in places that are blue
To fill in me a spirit anew
Who are you my mystery

I am the one you yearn for
That pull to me turns your head once more
I know its you I will adore
Always and forever my mystery

I am waiting for you to find me

Thanking Him

Posted by K. Kellee | Posted in My Thoughts | Posted on 31-03-2011


I can’t express how much I love my life.  I love the travelling, the freedom, and all the many blessings God has bestowed upon me and it will only get better.

My college football team is spanking that ass today and I get to watch the game in my hotel room all the way in Canada.

My Penthouse suite is a corner suite and I have great views of the city of Toronto.  It is beautiful.

I have a great bottle of wine I got in the awesome restaurant the hotel has and I am sipping on it with a couple of cherries at the bottom of my glass.

I started a new writing project and it is coming along great.  I haven’t enjoyed writing as much as I am now with this project piece.  It will be big.

I woke up this morning uncongested and didn’t sneeze once today.  My cold is leaving me and it is great.

I have my health and strength and a bonus to my paycheck this month, so I am ecstatic.

I am drama free, worry free, and burden free.

For all these things I thank the Lord.

I am making some changes to my website in order to free up my time for writing.  I will no longer be promoting the products I sell, what I will be promoting still is my writing.  I only publish the works I trully belive in to be great.  As I love them I believe others will love them also.

Dream Last Night

Posted by K. Kellee | Posted in My Thoughts | Posted on 31-03-2011


Last night I had this dream that my lover and I met up at a secluded location with a couple of my family members.  I stole away from them to spend some quality one on one time with him.  It was beautiful, if only I could remember the place we went to.

We met up and went rock climbing without the ropes.  Both of us wore shorts and wife beaters.  We were both bare foot.  I was ahead of him in climbing, and I could see every step I placed my foot and he followed closely behind with my ass in his face.

When we got to the top of the mountain peak, I was so turned on by the top of his head brushing up against my juicy center that I wanted him to take me right then.  As soon as we were both safely on the ledge, I slid my shorts down a bit and he followed slipping his pants down as well.  He curled up behind me.  Hugging my body tightly, squeezing my nipples and carressing my breasts, he slid his dick into my hot wet awaiting center.  I caught my breath.  He shivered and pulled my head back to kiss him.  He loved me, he fucked me good on the mountains peak.

When we were spent and redressed, we looked around and noticed there were houses near that mountains peak.  Everyone could  see us though, I didn’t notice anyone that did.  We were high up kissing, me sitting between his legs, taking in the views all around us.  We never made it back down the mountain.

Pleasant Dreams Everyone


Posted by K. Kellee | Posted in My Thoughts | Posted on 31-03-2011


Yesterday I was on facebook and I saw the sonogram a friend of mine had up as her profile pic and it got me intrigued to check out her page since I haven’t chatted with her in a while.  I wanted to see what was up in her world.  I was happy to find out she was married and expecting her first child.  I wished her congratulations.  That was yesterday.

Today, I am extremely sad because the picture of her sonogram stuck with me all night and I kept thinking about the sonogram I never got.  Almost 3 years ago on my birthday when I went in for my first picture sonogram, I didn’t get one because my son had died 2 days prior.  Happy birthday to me right?  I know.  After losing my son, I lost my best friend at the time a couple of months later.  My best friend was the father of my lost baby and he blamed me for losing our son.  He cheated on me and I had to drop him out of my life too.  I felt so hollow and alone.

Everything I was feeling back then, or should have felt rather and didn’t have time to feel is affecting me now for some reason.  I have a good life and I surround myself with good people, better people than before and I should not be thinking about this now, but I am.  It may have to do with the fact that I don’t have a child now or I don’t have that friendship like I had before and more than anything I want a deep meaningful friendship with my lover; either the one that I have or the next, but someone.

I have God ever present in my life, and all that I have been through with this situation and the many prior, I am very thankful for where I am and for all the blessings that have been bestowed upon me.  Today, however, the tears will fall so all will be well again in the morning.  Sorrow doesn’t last always, but Joy always comes in the morning.

Many Blessings Everyone

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